Life Sciences Part 1 3 in 1 Grade 12

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Education: Grade 12

R 149
This book is PART 1 of a SET of 2 Life Sciences books which together comprehensively cover the Grade 12 CAPS curriculum implemented in 2014.

It contains the 2 Knowledge Areas which are examined in PAPER I of the external National final exam:

Life Processes in Plants and Animals
Environmental Studies
It also includes complete notes on the Grade 11 Environmental Studies component of the Grade 12 Paper 1.

Both PART 1 and PART 2 Grade 12 study guides offer:

Comprehensive NOTES per module
Questions and 'Rapid fires' per module
Detailed memos
These 3 in 1 study guides offer thoroughly researched, NEW material which is relevant, accessible and enjoyable. The content is comprehensive, yet very learner-friendly.

The graded questions (and answers) provided for each unit secure thorough mastery of the challenges of this major subject and the 'Rapid fire' questions at the end of each module test and ensure the consolidation of essential terminology.

By working systematically throughout the year, grade 12 learners of varying abilities and learning styles are inspired to achieve excellent results.
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