PracMaths Grade 6

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Education: Grade 6

Education  -  Grade 6
R 155
The topics for each term have been dealt with in the order prescribed in the CAPS document.

Topics covered
- Whole numbers
- Number sentences
- Addition and Subtraction
- Common Fractions
- Time
- Properties of 2-D shapes
- Data Handling
- Numeric Patterns
- Multiplication
- Properties of 3-D objects
- Geometric Patterns
- Symmetry
- Division
- Decimal fractions
- Capacity
- Mass
- Viewing objects
- Transformations
- Temperature
- Percentages
- Length
- Perimeter, Area and Volume
- The history of the units of measurement
- Location and Direction
- Probability
- Revision
Publikasiedatum: 2013-02-01

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