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Christelik / Christian: Christelike Leefwyse / Christian Living

Christelik / Christian  -  Christelike Leefwyse / Christian Living
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Where is your brother? Why do you honor your sons more than Me? Do you have a right to be angry? Is my hand too short? God posed these questions to Cain, Eli, Jonah and Hezekiah. But we know He already had the answers. So why ask? Because He already knows all the answers, but wants people to think about His character and wisdom. In Questions God Asks, Israel Wayne presents 18 questions that God asked about a variety of topics, including relationships, marriage, faith, parenting, missions, sovereignty and omnipresence. Questions God Asks examines readers' fundamental assumptions about God and shows them how much knowledge about God is locked up in the questions He asked His children in the Bible.
Publikasiedatum: 2016-08-01

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