Memories of a game ranger

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In 1902 Harry Wolhuter was one of the first game rangers in the Sabi Nature Reserve, which would eventually, along with the Shingwedzi Nature Reserve, become the Kruger National Park. Originally a hunter, Wolhuter made the protection of the Kruger's wildlife his life's work. Memories of a game hunter tells of his days in the bush, when rangers went on horseback and lions considered them fair game - like the infamous time Harry was ambushed by two lions and managed to kill one of them while it was dragging him off into the grass. There was very little in the way of danger Harry didn't have to cope with - from crocodiles in swimming pools to irate hippos at ranger posts - and that's not even taking into account the poachers, the malaria or the little old ladies wanting protection from those fearsome giraffes ... Harry Wolhuter, born in 1876, was a legendary ranger in the Kruger National Park and completed 44 years of service before retiring in 1948. Today the Lindanda Memorial marks the spot where he killed the lion, and the lion's skin is still on display in the Stevenson-Hamilton Library in Skukuza. He died in 1964.
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