A Place called Vatmaar

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A hundred years ago, a small settlement sprang up in the Northern Cape. As a rich diversity of people moved in and the first children were born, Vatmaar became a village.

A.H.M. Scholtz tells of Oom Chai, who tells of Ta Vuurmaak, who then introduces someone else's story. A chain of stories interlink the fates of unforgettable characters like Lance-Corporal George Lewis and his Tswana wife, Ruth, Sis Bet, Old Chetty, Hendruk January, Tant Vonnie and her daughters as they recount tales of the Anglo Boer War, the diamond diggings, court cases and stokvels: the tricksters and the tricked, marriages and funerals, love and betrayal.
Publikasiedatum: 2000-05-01

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