Diabetes friendly deserts and baking

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People with diabetes also want to enjoy an occasional treat.
Savour the dishes in this book without feeling guilty. All these favourite recipes have a low glycaemic index (GI) as well as a low saturated (animal) fat content, making them suitable for the whole family.
The glycaemic index (GI) of food is a value that indicates how quickly blood sugar will be affected by carbohydrate-rich foods. The digestion and absorption of foods with a low GI take place at a slower rate. This leads to a sustained release of glucose into the bloodstream. Although a GI of 55 and below is considered low GI, a GI up to 62 is deemed 'acceptable' as the interaction of the ingredients slows digestion and absorption. The GI therefore makes it possible for people with diabetes to occasionally consume refined sugar. The digestion and absorption of sugar is slowed by fibre, protein and other factors. Read more about the GI at www.gifoundation.com.
People with diabetes have a tendency to develop cardiovascular disease with raised cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Saturated or animal fats contribute to the development of this condition and should therefore be limited to 7 g per 100 g of the product.
Each recipe includes a breakdown of the most important nutrients, the GI value and the recommended portion size. The latter is the most important as the GI alone cannot prevent raised blood sugar levels. The amount of carbohydrates consumed plays a vital role in controlling blood sugar levels.
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