Accounting 3 in 1 Grade 11

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Education: Grade 11

Education  -  Grade 11
R 169
The complete solution to Grade 11 Accounting with Notes, Questions, Answers and Full exams covering the entire curriculum.

This book is a stand-alone guide to any learner who wants to achieve their full potential in Grade 11.

There are three components to this CAPS-aligned book:

Comprehensive Notes with Worked Examples per Topic
Questions & Answers per Topic
Exam Papers & Answers with handy hints
The combination of detailed notes, worked examples, clear solutions, tips and focussed advice make this book a winner for a learner who needs practice and consolidation in this demanding subject. It enables learners to grasp the study material as a whole.

The wide variety of exercises prepares the learner according to the requirements of the CAPS curriculum.

This study guide provides a secure framework for a learner to develop the necessary skills to achieve their best in this grade as well as in Grade 12 Accounting.
Publikasiedatum: 2013-07-01

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