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Nie-fiksie / Non-fiction: Aktuele Sake / Current Affairs

Nie-fiksie / Non-fiction  -  Aktuele Sake / Current Affairs
R 330
Africa remains a mystery-enigma-attraction to investors, entrepreneurs and is growing on all fronts; without enough authoritative guides to the dynamics shaping the continent. Out of the top ten fastest growing economies of the world, no less than four are African - and yet the continent remains misunderstood.
There are many megatrends globally that warrant a special adaptation for the African continent, Africa Bounces Back uses case studies to show how these megatrends apply to the last economic growth frontier. The recent disruptions, including COVID-19, the changes in the US political landscape, human migration (including the surge of Africans moving to Europe), the rise of nationalism in developed countries, etc. all warrant attention in the context of what they mean for Africa as a destination of choice for investors, entrepreneurs and multinationals.

Victor Kgomoeswana has experience in two professional services firms (EY and Deloitte) - and at one of these he was instrumental in creating a knowledge resource centre for multinational clients who either had a presence in Africa and wanted to expand or those with no presence but interested in gaining insights before venturing.

He also has worked in the media since 1996 (all media, namely, print, radio, television and online) as anchor, specialist contributor, reporter, columnist, commentator - to date he still does an average of 3 interviews per week about the African continent, especially business and economic matters.
Publikasiedatum: 2021-06-21
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Nie-fiksie / Non-fiction: Besigheid / Business

Nie-fiksie / Non-fiction  -  Besigheid / Business
R 187
Victor Kgomoeswana, well known as an African business expert with a profile on radio and television, shares 50 stories of innovation and opportunity behind the business headlines of the last ten years on the African continent, with some revised content since the first edition of the book in May 2014. From the introduction of M-pesa in Kenya to changing the image of Nigeria as Africa's fraud capital, and from Rwandan coffee farmers to Ethiopian airlines, and other remarkable stories in between, Kgomoeswana criss-crosses the continent to highlight and revisit the most fascinating business stories and their impact on the future of Africa. Africa is open for business revised and updated edition contains a dynamic and different view of the opportunities available in Africa from those usually portrayed in the news and in other media. Kgomoeswana focuses on the stories behind the headlines as well as sharing his personal experiences of Africa while travelling and doing business in a way that is as entertaining as it is informative.
Publikasiedatum: 2015-08-31

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