The Mark

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14-16 years. Set in a post apocalyptic future world, Juliet Seven and her sister Kitty are low class citizens of Slum City. Born into poverty, dumped into housing blocks, they are destined to become pleasure workers, drudges or servants in the homes of the moneyed posh of Mangeria City. Each child is assigned a trade at birth by The Machine, which also stamps a number, the Mark, on to the base of the spine. Also part of the system is the festival of fate-mates - or compulsory coupling. Juliet is nearing the end of her schooling: at sixteen she will start work as a servant in the home of Mistress, wife to an influential government minister of Mangeria City. But it is the Mark which Juliet desperately wants removed, so she can be free. Will she glean enough information about the inner workings of The Machine from the snippets of conversation she hears in Mistress' house? Can she trust anyone at all? When her plan to escape results in her sister Kitty being taken off to Sin City, Juliet has to make a decision that could change her life forever. 'Constant tension, constant antagonism with authority and harsh underlying social comment.' - Jay Heale
Publication date: 2014-09-01

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