Power Play

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Krista Bishop runs a security agency, for women only. Until she gets acall she can't refuse from the government spooks: guard two high-profileChinese businessmen.

What Krista isn't told is that the Chinese are mopping up the richlyrewarding abalone poaching business. They want it all, from shore to plate. A takeover that will kick three Cape Town ganglords - known as theUntouchables - out of business and destroy their luxury lifestyles.

Abalone means power, money, drugs, guns. No longer untouchable, gang boss Titus Anders fears for the life of his daughter and calls in Krista Bishop to protect her from the madness as a gang war ignites.

Krista is the best. She's young, tough and a long way from the violenceof the streets. Or is she? The war is everywhere. Right in her own backyard. And there is a secret agent waiting for her, with a gun in his hand...
Publication date: 2015-07-01

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