When God Doesnt Make Sense

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Christelik / Christian: Christian Living / Christelike Leefwyse

Christelik / Christian  -  Christian Living / Christelike Leefwyse
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Do you sometimes wonder why God allows Christians to suffer trials and heartache? Why do disease, divorce, rejection, death and sorrow seep into our lives? Have you ever asked the question: "Why would God permit this to happen to me?" Dr Dobson, a Christian psychologist and family counselor, tackles these questions in an insightful and compassionate way using the knowledge he has gained from studying Scripture over the years. When God Doesn't Make Sense will bring hope to those who feel like giving up and encouragement to hurting souls. Dr Dobson will help them realize that God hasn't abandoned them during the storms of life, but is right beside them. Readers will be left with the assurance that even when things don't make sense, there is security and rest in the wisdom of the eternal Scriptures.
Publication date: 2016-04-01

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