Afrikaans handbook and study guide for English students

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Education: Grade 10

Education  -  Grade 10
R 270
An English Student's Guide to Afrikaans

Three Books in One: Now includes a teachers guide
A Teacher's Handbook
A Student's Text Book
A Home Reference Book

English explanations, Afrikaans examples

Colour coded for easy understanding and learning

Simple and user-friendly

Suitable for remedial students

Notes, rules and useful vocabulary written in English and colour coded for easy understanding and learning.


Algemene Reels - Some General Rules
Die Klanke - The Vowel Sounds
Meervoud - Plurals
Verkleinwoorde - Diminutives
Trappe van Vergelyking - Degrees of Comparison
Byvoeglike Naamwoorde - Adjectives
Bywoorde - Adverbs
Geslag - Gender
Dieregeluide - Animal Sounds
Mense, Lande, Tale - People, Countries and Languages
Woordorde - Word Order
Leestekens - Punctuation
Die Tye - Tenses
Voegwoorde - Conjunctions
Die Negatief / Ontkennende Vorm - The Negative
Voornaamwoorde - Pronouns
Betreklike Voornaamwoorde - Relative Pronouns
Lydende en Bedrywende Vorm - Passive and Active Voice
Direkte en Indirekte Rede - Direct and Indirect Speech
Deelwoorde - Participles
Vraagsinne - Question Sentences
Die Infinitief - The Infinitive
Blyk en Skyn - Seems or Appears
Voorsetsels - Prepositions
Afkortings - Abbreviations
Tyd en Getalle - Time and Numbers
Sinonieme - Synonyms
Antonieme - Antonyms / Opposites
Vergelykings - Similes
Intensiewe / Versterkte Vorm - Intensive Form
Samestellings - Compound Words
Idiomatiese Uitdrukkings - Idiomatic Expressions
Algemene Foute - Common Errors
Suiwer Afrikaans - 'Correct' Afrikaans
Woordsoorte - Parts of Speech (A General Overview)


Begripstoets - Comprehension
Skryfwerk - Writing Skills
Letterkunde - Literature
Mondeling - Oral Communication
Woordeskat - Vocabulary
Taalgids vir Temas - Guide for Themes

Hints to improve your Afrikaans
Ideas for Teachers
Publication date: 2005-05-01

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