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'Sometimes you have to lose a husband to find true love...'

Dianne, a woman in her early thirties find out at a fancy dress party, while dressed in all her splendor as Lady Gaga, that her husband is having an affair. Life seems bleak, but with the help of an overzealous friend who takes her lap-dancing, a crazy old lady who predicts true love after reading her fortune and a sexy tattoo artist, she soon finds her way back to life after marriage. She tries to mend her broken heart and we follow her on her own little path of self-destruction and self-discovery as she goes through denial, counseling and (maybe) divorce.

However, Dianne has a secret of her own. For years now she has been having dreams about a man. A man who has a car accident one night that leaves him paralyzed from the chest down. Somehow, there is a link between her and this man. Free of her marriage and with nothing to lose, she decides to go and look for the man in her dreams - but is he the man of her dreams?
Publication date: 2013-05-01

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