English for Life HL Grade 9 Reader

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Education: Grade 9

Education  -  Grade 9
R 214
The English for Life, Grade 9, for Home Language was developed according to the requirements for the Intermediate Phase. The book was divided according to different genres of texts and themes appropriate for learners in the same phase,
The English for life reader consists of short stories, visual texts, dramas, poems, information texts, social and media texts. The learners will read postcards, letters, pamphlets, and posters. There are also interesting newspaper articles, reviews, reports and advertisements to expand their reading skills and language knowledge.

To help the teacher with teaching, the following information is available in the book:

- Questions about the texts that are formulated by using cognitive levels
- Clarification of difficult texts
- Definitions of complex words
Publication date: 2013-01-01

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