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R 250
Avi Avital (Mandolin/Mandola), Omer Avital (Bass/Oud), Itamar Doari (Percussion), Yonathan Avishai (Piano/Keyboards), Uri Sharlin (Accordion)

“The music on the album is about this special bond between Omer and myself, between the history and cultural identity we share with each other. Here I might be said to hoist a flag and return to my roots. It's very intensive, extremely authentic, and it means a great deal to me.” Avi Avital

“Explosively charismatic” (New York Times) in live performance, Avital has been described as playing “with the freedom of rock or jazz musicians” (Boston Globe) even in Baroque repertoire.

Avital Meets Avital is Avi's first cross-genre album release. Following three core classical releases on DG, Avi now explores the sound of world music, incl. several world premiere recordings.

For his very personal project he teamed up with jazz bassist Omer Avital, with whom he shares much more than just a surname:

Both attended the same music academy in Jerusalem, where Omer studied jazz and Avi the classical tradition, and both were born and raised by Moroccan parents in Israel. Having grown up with this inner ambivalence, for a long time the two musicians focused on their Israeli homeland and Western musical culture, Avi Avital in classical music, Omer Avital in jazz.

Avital Meets Avital brings their different musical backgrounds and shared cultural heritage into dialogue, drawing on the diverse influences of Moroccan and North African sounds, classical and folk traditions, Israeli harmonies, and Mediterranean rhythms, to create a musical melting pot where chamber music meets the raw energy of jazz.

All pieces are composed and arranged by Omer and Avi Avital, apart from the album's final track.


1. Omer Avital: Zamzama
2. Omer Avital: Lonely Girl
3. Omer Avital: Ana Maghrebi
4. Avital: Avi's Song
5. Omer Avital: Ballad For Eli
6. Avital: Prelude
7. Omer Avital: Maroc
8. Omer Avital: Hijazain
9. Moshe Wilenski: The Source And The Sea (Balada Al Maayan Ve`Yam)
Publication date: 2017-06-02
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Nie-fiksie / Non-fiction: CD's / CD's

Nie-fiksie / Non-fiction  -  CD's / CD's
R 250
Acclaimed Polish-born tenor Piotr Beczala pays tribute to the Austrian singer Richard Tauber (1891-1948), one of the most widely celebrated musical celebrities of his time. Recognized by many as one of the greatest tenors in the world, Piotr is regularly praised for his artistry, immaculate musicianship, keen interpretive intelligence, and flawless, elegant delivery. A perfectly cultivated and stylish singer, he is currently at the pinnacle of his career

A prominent exponent of popular song and operetta, Tauber's career is closely associated with operetta's golden age in pre-war Europe

In this recording Beczala shares his deeply honed affinity for this timeless, eternally popular music - a delightful recital of operetta favourites by Lehár, Kálmán, Robert Stolz, Johann Strauss II, among others - and continues the tradition set forth by legendary predecessors like Fritz Wunderlich and Nicolai Gedda

Features special guest appearances from Anna Netrebko (“Lippen schweigen”), The Berlin Comedian Harmonists, Avi Avital, Austrian soprano Daniela Fally and a unique “duet” with Richard Tauber himself, using special 21st century technology and a recorded master from 1934.


Bohm, Carl (1844-1920)
Erwin, Ralph (1896-1943)
Grieg, Edvard Hagerup (1843-1907)
Kalman, Emmerich (1882-1953)
Lehár, Franz (1870-1948)
Romberg, Sigmund (1887-1951)
Rotter, Fritz (1900-84)
Siecynski, Rudolf (1879-1952)
Stolz, Robert (1880-1975)
Tauber, Richard (1891-1948)


Bohm, C: Still as the Night
Grieg: Ich liebe Dich, Op. 5 No. 3
Kalman: Komm, Zigány! [Countess Mariza]
Kalman: Wenn es Abendd … Grüß mir mein Wien (from Gräfin Mariza)
Lehár: Dein ist mein ganzes Herz (from Das Land des Lächelns)
Lehár: Freunde, das Leben ist lebenswert (from Giuditta)
Lehár: Gern hab' ich die Frau'n geküßt (from Paganini)
Lehár: Lippen schweigen (from Die Lustige Witwe)
Romberg, S: Serenade (from The Student Prince)
Rotter: Ich küsse Ihre Hand, Madame
Siecynski: Wien, du Stadt meiner Traüm
Stolz, R: Das Lied ist aus (The Song is Over)
Stolz, R: Ich liebe dich!
Stolz, R: O mia bella Napoli
Stolz, R: Ob blond, ob braun, Ich liebe die Frau'n
Tauber: Der singende Traum
Tauber: Du bist die Welt für mich
Publication date: 2013-05-27

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