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For the world premiere recording (2016) of Antonio Salieri's (1750-1825) comic opera La Scuola de' Gelosi, Werner Ehrhardt and his ensemble l'arte del mondo received fantastic reviews. In their new recording, the ensemble once again presents a world premiere recording of an early masterpiece by the 21-year-old Salieri, which was also acclaimed throughout Europe, but unfortunately passed into near-oblivion. The comic opera 'La Fiera di Venezia' was premiered on January 29, 1772 in Vienna. As a masquerade full of humor, the opera takes the listener into the joy of Venice's Ascension fairs. Until 1796, these were a big celebration with masks and parades. Among the approximately fifty operas that Salieri composed, 'La Fiera di Venezia' stands out not only by it's amusing setting, but also musically. Salieri's art of orchestration and instrumentation is extraordinary, which constantly emphasizes individual instruments, combining them with the voices of the singers. Even Mozart was so enthusiastic about 'La Fiera di Venezia' that in 1773 he composed piano variations on a duet from the second act. This duet Mio caro Adone forms one of the many highlights of this world premiere recording. 'La Fiera di Venezia' is Salieri's second opera, presented by Werner Ehrhardt and l'arte del mondo in an opera-excavation series realized since 2010 with the support of Bayer Kultur and in coproduction with WDR.

L'arte del mondo, Natalia Rubis (soprano), Emanuele D'Aguanno (tenor), Giorgio Caoduro (baritone), Krystian Adam (tenor), Dilyara Idrisova (soprano), Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli (soprano), Furio Zanasi (baritone)
Werner Ehrhardt


Salieri, Antonio (1750-1825)


Salieri: La Fiera di Venezia
Publication date: 2019-09-20

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