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Discs: 8 CDs Box Set

Today Haydn is viewed mainly in the light of his string quartets and symphonies, yet his first and last compositions were Mass settings. They encompassed an extraordinary musical output, within which his Masses shine as uplifting and deeply satisfying sacred works.

Whilst acknowledging the Viennese traditions of church music, these Masses are infused with the kind of inspiration and originality that make Haydn an undisputed master in so many genres.

This collection by Trinity Choir includes all the complete and authenticated Masses by Haydn as well as his early Stabat Mater.

Trinity Choir & REBEL Baroque Orchestra, J. Owen Burdick & Jane Glover


Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809)


Haydn: Mass, Hob. XXII: 1 in F major 'Missa brevis'
Haydn: Mass, Hob. XXII: 4 in E flat major 'Große Orgelmesse'
Haydn: Mass, Hob. XXII: 5 in C major 'Cäcilienmesse'
Haydn: Mass, Hob. XXII: 6 in G major 'Nicolaimesse'
Haydn: Mass, Hob. XXII: 7 in B flat major 'Kleine Orgelmesse'
Haydn: Mass, Hob. XXII: 8 in C major - Missa Cellensis 'Mariazellermesse'
Haydn: Mass, Hob. XXII: 9 in C major 'Paukenmesse'
Haydn: Mass, Hob. XXII:10 in B flat major 'Heiligmesse'
Haydn: Mass, Hob. XXII:11 in D minor 'Nelsonmesse'
Haydn: Mass, Hob. XXII:12 in B flat major 'Theresienmesse'
Haydn: Mass, Hob. XXII:13 in B flat major 'Schöpfungmesse'
Haydn: Mass, Hob. XXII:14 in B flat major 'Harmoniemesse'
Haydn: Stabat Mater
Haydn: Stabat Mater H XXBIS
Publication date: 2009-09-01

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