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Fiction: Novels

Translator: Clarissa Botsford
Fiction  -  Novels
R 320
Based on true events, a heartbreaking story of love, family, hope, and survival set in post-World War II Italy-written with the heart of Orphan Train and Before We Were Yours-about poor children from the south sent to live with families in the north to survive deprivation and the harsh winters. Though Mussolini and the fascists have been defeated, the war has devastated Italy, especially the south. Seven-year-old Amerigo lives with his mother Antonietta in Naples, surviving on odd jobs and his wits like the rest of the poor in his neighborhood. But one day, Amerigo learns that a train will take him away from the rubble-strewn streets of the city to spend the winter with a family in the north, where he will be safe and have warm clothes and food to eat. Together with thousands of other southern children, Amerigo will cross the entire peninsula to a new life. Through his curious, innocent eyes, we see a nation rising from the ashes of war, reborn. As he comes to enjoy his new surroundings and the possibilities for a better future, Amerigo will make the heartbreaking choice to leave his mother and become a member of his adoptive family. Amerigo's journey is a moving story of memory, indelible bonds, artistry, and self-exploration, and a soaring examination of what family can truly mean. Ultimately Amerigo comes to understand that sometimes we must give up everything, even a mother's love, to find our destiny. Translated from the Italian by Clarissa Botsford
Publication date: 2021-03-15
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Nie-fiksie / Non-fiction: CD's / CD's

Nie-fiksie / Non-fiction  -  CD's / CD's
R 250
Nils Mönkemeyer has been hailed as one of the leading violists of his generation. For this recording, Nils has selected four of his favourite works by Walton, Bruch and Pärt and is joined by the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Markus Poschner. The Viola Concerto by Sir William Walton (1902-1983) showcases traditional English tone, enhanced by the sounds and rhythms of jazz. The German composer Max Bruch (1838-1920) is represented by two Romantic works, Kol nidrei, the original cello part of which acquires a unique timbre in Nils Mönkemeyer's arrangement for the viola, and the Romance for viola and orchestra. The fourth and final major work included here is Fratres by Arvo Pärt (*1935). Although published in 1977, it had to wait until 2008 to be heard in its version for viola, string orchestra and percussion.

Nils Mönkemeyer (viola)
Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Markus Poschner


Bruch, Max (1838-1920)
Pärt, Arvo (b.1935)
Walton, William Turner (1902-83)


Bruch: Kol Nidrei, Op. 47
Bruch: Romance for viola & orchestra/piano, Op. 85
Pärt: Fratres for Viola & Orchestra
Walton: Viola Concerto
Publication date: 2017-08-11
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Fiction: Novels

Fiction  -  Novels
R 330
Ever since she was diagnosed with ALS, fiercely independent Mattie doesn't feel like herself. She can't navigate her beloved home, she can't go for a boat ride, and she can barely even feed herself. Her devoted husband, Don, doesn't want to imagine life without his wife of nearly fifty years, but Mattie isn't likely to make it past their anniversary. But when Rose, Mattie's new caretaker, and her young daughter, Jeri, enter the couple's life, happiness and the possibility for new memories return. Together they form a family, and Mattie is finally able to pass on her memories from the hope chest she received from her mother. With each item-including a favourite doll, family dishes, an embroidered apron, and an antique Christmas ornament-the hope chest connects Mattie, Don and Rose to each other and helps them find hope again in the face of overwhelming life challenges. A beautiful story about the unconditional love and support of family, The Hope Chest will remind you that hope can be found where and when you least expect it.
Publication date: 2017-04-26
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Christelik / Christian: Christian Living / Christelike Leefwyse

Christelik / Christian  -  Christian Living / Christelike Leefwyse
R 150
Twee duisend jaar gelede het Jesus se pad gekruis met doodgewone mense. Hulle was dikwels gebroke, onvolmaak en sonder hoop. Maar Hy het hulle lewens aangeraak, hulle heelgemaak en die lewensdoel gegee waarvoor hulle so desperaat was.
Frank Viola en Mary DeMuth neem lesers in Die dag toe ek Jesus ontmoet het op 'n fassinerende reis terug in tyd met die dramatiese verhale van vyf vroue wat Jesus ontmoet het: die vrou wat op owerspel betrap is, die prostituut wat Jesus se voete gesalf het, die vrou wat aan bloedvloeiing gely het, die Samaritaanse vrou en Maria van Betanië. Elke verhaal word vanuit die vrou se unieke perspektief vertel, maar is steeds Skrifgetrou volgens die gebeure uit die Evangelies.
Die fiktiewe dagboekinskrywings word afgesluit met die verhaal uit die Bybel en 'n toepassingsgedeelte. Besprekingsvrae verskyn agter in die boek wat dit ideaal maak om in kleingroepe te bespreek.
Die dag toe ek Jesus ontmoet het sal die verhale in die Bybel lewe gee terwyl dit lesers aanspoor tot 'n nuwe ontmoeting met hulle Verlosser.
Publication date: 2016-05-01

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