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Inhuman hours, overflowing emergency rooms, poor resources and little support - this is the daily reality of most doctors and nurses in South African public hospitals. 'This is my story and the stories of other doctors who chose to walk away,' she writes. 'Ours is a private anguish filled with the niggling suspicion that we should have been stronger, more committed, more able to handle the daily realities of practicing medicine in South Africa.'

A gripping personal account which exposes not only the deficiencies in the public health sector but also the personal pressures and expectations which come with being a doctor in South Africa.
Publication date: 2014-05-01
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Met lewensgetroue hoedefinisie-illustrasies bied hierdie publikasie 'n uitsonderlike blik op al die belangrikste liggaamsdele en -stelsels, van kroontjie tot kleintoontjie. Akkurate terminologie in Afrikaans en Engels, asook definisies en verhelderende teks stel lesers verder in staat om grondige kennis van die spesiale eienskappe en werking van die verskillende liggaamstelsels op te doen.
Publication date: 2013-11-01

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