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Thanks to the digital magic of Augmented Reality you can bring dinosaurs roaring back to life from the page with your smartphone or tablet. Developed specifically for mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets, iDinosaur delivers a completely new level of Augmented Reality experience.

Unleash a T-Rex on the breakfast table, or take a photo of your mates as a mighty Pteranodon swoops through the air before their eyes. iDinosaur brings these long-extinct prehistoric creatures back to life. See your family and friends on-screen, interacting with Augmented Reality dinosaurs and then capture the moment with photos that will amaze everyone!
Publication date: 2017-07-01
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Illustrator: Alistair Ackermann
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Which animals survive in the coldest place on Earth? Where will you find the biggest bat on Earth? Which blood-thirsty species of fish swim around in the Amazon river, in search of meat? Where does the world's biggest species of butterfly live? And where in South African can you go looking for the "extinct" coelacanth? Discover animals from around the world with this fantastic animal atlas! This atlas is brimful of breathtaking facts about the animals that inhabit the different continents, and South Africa's rich diversity of animal life. A wonderful book for children who are keen to discover more about the world - and a handy reference source that belongs on every child's bookshelf! Also available in Afrikaans as: My eerste diereatlas
Publication date: 2017-02-01
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Two children visit the Museum of Military History in Johannesburg and are intrigued by a painting of a black serviceman at the top of the stairs. . . There were 354 000 South Africans who volunteered to serve in South Africa's defence force and nursing services in World War II. This book tells of one of these men, Job Maseko, whose heroic deed was almost forgotten for 50 years.
Publication date: 2016-05-01
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Did you know that there are at least 1.5 million ants for every person on earth? Or that goats and sheep have rectangular pupils? And that elephants can be right- or left-tusked?
The advantages of instilling a lifelong love of reading in a child don't need to be spelt out. And what better way to get them reading than with short, bite-sized, fascinating and fun facts? This book is filled with quirky yet interesting facts about anything and everything - animals, the body, food, the universe, books and more. And it is not just for children. Everyone can learn something in this treasure chest of knowledge, whether you are 5 or 50 years old. With no long and drawn-out explanations, it is a quick and easy read that can fill a few minutes of spare time or ensure a few hours of informative entertainment. Impress people with your wide knowledge about random topics and 'use it, don't use it' information.
Publication date: 2015-10-01
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Well-known geologist Nick Norman leads young readers into the absorbing world of geology. Budding rock collectors will find out all about the rocks that they'll encounter in Southern Africa, with a view to building their own rock collections.

Box of Rocks is packed with fascinating information about:

- how rocks form
- how to identify the different rock types
- what rocks are made of
- what different rocks are used for
- where to go to collect each rock type.

Readers will also learn about Stone Age tools, fossils and some of our best-known geological sites.
Publication date: 2015-04-01
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Understanding and conserving biodiversity is an invitation to journey through Earth's varied landscapes and discover the living world. Designed for younger readers, this engaging book will hold the interest of anyone anxious to preserve our world's extraordinary biodiversity. With astonishing and accessible encyclopaedic content validated by experts at the Montréal Biodôme and powerful images showing the impact of human activities on nature, Living Earth puts readers in the front-row seat of a spectacle that is both awe-inspiring and vital.
The text includes:
- Full-colour photos and illustrations, bringing almost 350 animal and plant species to light.
- Maps showing the locations of the planet's major natural environments.
- Amazing facts and records about the living world
Ten major natural environments visited:
Tropical forests - Plains and savannahs - Deserts - Boreal and temperate forests - Polar regions - Mountains and caves - Islands - Oceans - Freshwater environments - Artificial habitats
Publication date: 2015-01-01
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My first atlas: a world atlas is brimming with astounding facts. In which country can you hear 700 different languages?
Where do the ministers ride bicycles to the parliament?
Which country is so big that it takes seven days to travel from the east to the west?
In which South African town did the police ride on camels?
Which province in South Africa is the biggest?
Expore the world with this full colour atlas! It is full of fantastic facts about all the continents, and about the nine provinces.
EXTRA! A South African map for your wall.
Publication date: 2014-08-01
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Illustrator: Luis Rey
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Famous Dinosaurs of Africa is written for children, but has broad appeal for anyone interested in learning more about dinosaurs.
African dinosaurs are no less significant than their 'celebrity' cousins, species like T. Rex, and they are just as magnificent and fascinating. Their fossils have been discovered across the continent - from the Sahara Desert to the Karoo.
A brief general introduction is followed by short chapters on dinosaur species, among them those that were fish-eating, sociable, predatory, etc, as well as those that were cannibals, including the biggest meat-eating dinosaur of all time. Details are given about where they were found, the meaning of their scientific names, and their size and diet.
Spectacular, colourful illustrations bring the creatures vividly to life; photographs, maps and line drawings further illustrate the subject, while 'Unsolved' and 'Up close' panels add to the intrigue.
Publication date: 2014-07-01
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Why do elephants flap their ears? Which big cat leaps into the air to catch birds? How do bushbabies get their name?
Discover the answers to these questions and enjoy hours of colouring fun with the latest addition to our Read, colour and keep series. There are more than 40 animals to colour in, each illustration providing budding artists and inquisitive children with interesting facts as they work through the book.
The centre spread contains a pull-out gallery of all the animals in full colour. These can serve to guide children in colouring in the outlined images - or they can simply use their imagination!
Publication date: 2014-04-01
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Text in Afrikaans, Engels, Zulu and Xhosa.

My first book of Southern African Animal Tracks introduces 55 different types of animals and the footprints they leave behind. The animals and birds included are those that you are likely to find on visits to nature reserves or game parks - or even in gardens. For each species featured, the book gives: Life-sized track 'imprints'; A full-colour illustration of the animal and a visual size comparison with a human body, arm or hand; A short description in four languages of each creature and its prints. This introduction to the intriguing world of tracking will keep children happily absorbed for hours at home or on trips to view wildlife. The text in four languages expands the readership and promotes multilingualism.
Publication date: 2014-03-01
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Translator: Amelia de Vaal
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Did you know?
 Moles can crawl backwards.
 Zebras do not neigh; they bark!
 And the heart of a blue whale is as big and heavy as a small car.

From the tropical rain forest to the savannah, and from the Polar ice caps to our gardens at home: the animal world is full of interesting details and amazing facts. Arranged in groups according to habitat, this book presents the world's most popular animals and invites young animal lovers aged four and above to discover a wealth of fascinating information.

This exciting book includes:
 Some 60 animal portraits provide an insight into the colourful world of animals.
 Over 350 lively and exciting photos present unusual aspects of animal life.
 Clearly presented animal profiles provide the basic facts about the size, weight, food and habitat of each animal.
 Characters Anna, the zoologist, and animal photographer Hanno accompany young readers on their journey of exploration through the book.

This book is also available in Afrikaans, Ontdek die diereryk.
Publication date: 2013-04-01
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Translator: Maria Smit
Illustrator: Andreas Schürmann
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Would you like to go on a fascinating voyage of discovery with Clare and Fred to the Kingdom of Music? If you're eager to learn, like to read and enjoy music, you will love this book. Clare and Fred, two clever young musicians, will explain many interesting topics and ideas about music. You could, for example, attend one of Clare's ballet lessons in which the teacher tells the dancers something about the history of dance. Or you could read about the funny story of Joseph Haydn who composed a Farewell Symphony so that the musicians in his orchestra could at last get permission from the prince to take a long overdue holiday. Or you can discover musical notation with Clare and Fred which, by the way, was developed 200 years before the birth of Christ ...

- 250 encyclopaedic articles on instruments, composers
- and music terms from classical music, jazz and pop music
- more than 200 full-colour illustrations and photos
- many notation examples
- index with approximately 1000 terms
- explanations of the origins of terms
- pronunciation of foreign terms
- preface by Peter Schreier
- for children aged 7 and older

Awarded the German Music Edition Prize 2000.
Publication date: 2013-02-01
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This guide for young explorers combines scientific fact, fascinating tidbits, brilliant full-colour photography and sensitive illustrations to bring a wonderful variety of ocean creatures vibrantly to life. Children will enjoy poring over the colourful pages as they:
- read about marine habitats like sandy beaches, rocky shores, estuaries, coral reefs and kelp forests
- discover plant and animal groups, including molluscs, crustaceans, coastal birds, mammals and reptiles, among others
- learn to identify important species from each group, using picture field-guides
- study the helpful holiday guides to find out what sea life to look out for along the shore - from Walvis Bay to Mozambique
- find out why the ocean is vital to us, how it may be harmed by human activities and some of the ways in which we can help, and
- learn about the valuable work that marine scientists do.
This introduction to the habitats, plants and creatures of the southern African shores is a celebration of ocean life that is sure to become a favourite with beachcombers of all ages.
Publication date: 2012-11-01
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This fun, fold-out checklist illustrates 50 of the wild animals and birds that you may encounter on a trip into one of southern Africa's game reserves. Children will love looking at the lively, full-colour illustrations, reading the interesting accompanying facts, and ticking off each creature as they spot them in the wild.
* Fun fold-out format
* Check-boxes to tick
* Lively, full-colour illustrations
* Interesting facts
* Affordable price
Publication date: 2012-04-01
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Illustrator: Judy Maré
R 100
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Young children will enjoy discovering the 58 fascinating ocean creatures in My First Book of Southern African Ocean Life, which range in size from the earth's largest animal - the blue whale - to the tiniest plankton.
Publication date: 2011-11-01

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